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Maintaining Empty Commercial Buildings

  • It would be an understatement to say that a commercial paint project can be complicated. While the design process and color choice can be fun and exciting, the actual project itself can be disruptive to the daily routine of business or tenants. To help alleviate this interruption, it’s a wise idea to schedule commercial painting projects when buildings have low or no occupancy. 

    Optimize holidays, off-peak seasons, and other times when foot traffic slows down. Before starting any commercial painting or building improvement project, make necessary repairs and invest in a deep clean. Look for cracks to be filled, holes to be sealed, or other upgrades that could help your paint job run a little smoother and last longer. If you’ve been waiting to address leaks and the water damage that comes along with it, now’s the right time. Few or no visitors to the building will give you plenty of time to clean and prepare for the project.

    Benefits of Painting an Empty Building

    When the building is easier to navigate, your commercial painting crew can keep a tighter timeline and occupants can stay away from the work being done. Is your team working remotely on a temporary basis? This is an opportunity to bring in the painting crew without altering everyone’s schedule and causing inconvenience.

    Focusing on interior painting projects offers a long list of advantages. Furniture can be moved, work can be done quickly, and the painting crew has plenty of room for the equipment needed to complete the commercial painting project. Start by addressing high traffic areas like lobbies, hallways, and common areas. Maybe even change up the entire color palette — you have the room and time to do it.

    Think Outside the Box

    Don’t just stop at the walls either. Include the ceilings as part of your paint job, too. It’s an especially challenging area to address for facility managers during normal business hours due to prep time and containment requirements. Working with an experienced commercial cleaning crew can help complete the job much quicker.

    This downtime can also be used to refresh your floors. Now that the harsh winter weather is behind us for the year, your new floor covering won’t get exposed to moisture from snow, chemical de-icers from exterior services, and other factors that impact longevity. Floor coatings increase safety, boost wayfinding initiatives, and give your commercial building a whole new look.

    Upgrade Specialty Coatings

    While no business likes the idea of shutting down manufacturing production, turning off machines is a silver lining. Specialty paints and coatings can be applied to help with ease of maintenance and technical performance, and the machines will stay off long enough for the project to be completed in a timely manner. Now is the time to take on the facility maintenance tasks that you’ve been putting off.

    This extends to any specialty wallcovering you’ve been thinking about adding. Vinyl, fabric, and paper murals with finer details can be expertly applied to walls by professionals. A new coat of antimicrobial paints and finishes can be used to update the look and give your occupants some peace of mind that you’re helping to keep them safe and healthy.

    Get Outside

    Warmer springtime weather creates the perfect climate for working on the exterior of your commercial painting. A fresh coat cuts down on maintenance costs and labor and gives your building added value by way of curb appeal. If you rebranded or changed ownership in recent months, count on your commercial painting team to put the new information on display. When your business doors are closed, you need to make the best first impression from the road as they travel by.

    On their own, these are great reasons to schedule a commercial maintenance or painting project during a downtime. One more great reason? You’re supporting businesses right in your backyard. Employing a commercial painting contractor during your slow times is a way to invest in your local economy — a move that will ultimately benefit you too. 

    Doing outstanding prep work, having people on the job that are vetted/trained and know how to please customers is our mission. We have great communication before and after the project. We invest the time and effort into proper prep work, which is the linchpin to great results in the painting world. We’re ready to handle your project quickly and cost-effectively, right now — whether your building is occupied or empty.

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