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Churches and schools are trusted partners of SmithPro based on years of trust.

Churches are a specialty and require highly skilled painters for a few reasons. Churches often have very high ceilings and difficult-to-reach surfaces. Many were constructed in the early 20th century or before, which means the architecture is often more elaborate. It can be similar to the work we do on historic buildings. We have the equipment and training to paint the tallest ceilings and any hard-to-reach surfaces safely.

We also understand that churches are houses of worship and should embody that. They require special care. They are buildings designed for worship and reverie where people go to find peace. We pay special attention to these concerns. Perfection is a must. Therefore, we take great care to respect the building and its mission. We cover all non-painted surfaces so as not to disrupt or disrespect the surroundings we are working in. We are good at maneuvering around pews and alters, for example.

Schools, much like churches, need special attention to avoid interruption.

We will only send painters to schools and churches who are familiar with these settings and committed to the most seamless job execution possible. We will work nights and weekends to accommodate schools and churches to limit interruptions to classrooms and religious services as much as possible.


What types of projects can you handle?

We can handle anything from a single classroom or office to an entire school exterior. For churches, we can handle everything up to the largest Catholic Cathedrals. We paint all kinds of walls, ceilings, door frames, windows, floors, and whatever else you need. Just ask us.

What's the process?

  • Initial meeting
  • Color and material options consultation
  • Competitive quote
  • Quote acceptance
  • Schedule it
  • Project happens
  • Repair drywall
  • Tenant content manipulation
  • Remove paintings
  • Move furniture
  • Protect the space
  • Paint
  • Everything returned to its original places
  • Project review & walkthrough

What are the options and suggested additional services?

We work with our customer partners to choose and plan any specialty finishes in addition to the paint you may desire. Popular examples for schools could include marker board material (dry erase board walls), minor drywall repair, vinyl base replacement, wall protection, or corner guards.

What equipment do you have to make the project go smoothly and safely?

We use HEPA filters, dustless sanders, zero VOC products, lifts, scaffolding, and all appropriate professional tools. We follow all industry safety guidelines and rules.

How many people are on the team?

Our regular team of 30 professionals can handle approximately 1,000 projects per year. On average, each has more than seven years of experience. As a partner, you get highly trained teams that don't just get "on-the-job training" like so many other shops.

How long do your projects take on average?

From 1 week to 1 month is the typical range depending on the size of the project.

How do you prevent unnecessary disruptions?

We work around your schedule! We can come in at night and weekends if it's needed to help keep your team on task and productive. This is particularly important for schools. For churches, it probably means the opposite, coming in during the week.

What does it cost?

We are a union commercial painter. That doesn't mean we will be more expensive because our prices are aggressive and competitive.  However, our staff are very professional and dedicated to high-quality materials, so painting should be less frequent.  Highly trained union painters are better trained and more efficient than others.  Our union painters paint better and faster because they are professionals. Professionals can paint 50 to 75% faster than non-professionals. Try us and see.

What do we need from you?

We try and make the job as painless as possible, but we do need your help moving small items. That could include personal items, electronics, religious artwork, school books and classroom maps so we can handle the big stuff with no issues.

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