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The Benefits of Working With a Commercial Painter

  • When was the last time you had your commercial building painted? It may not be something you think about putting at the top of your facility maintenance list, but after reading the list of many benefits offered by working with a commercial painter you may want to reconsider.

    Add Curb Appeal

    You may not think that the exterior of your building matters much, especially when occupants spend their time inside working to help their business grow. When tenants are looking for a new space, though, the first thing they’ll see is your peeling, chipping, and fading paint job. What kind of message does that send as a landlord? (Spoiler alert — it’s not great.) 

    As commercial real estate continues to transform on a near-daily basis, building owners and managers need to maintain a competitive edge to avoid costly vacancies. Something as simple as refreshing the exterior paint can be a small step that offers a huge ROI. A bonus is that fresh paint looks great in online real estate listings.

    Increase Employee Morale

    As employees adjust to working under drastically different circumstances than they did a few months ago, employers should take steps to create an environment that helps promote job satisfaction and overall well being. Tap into the psychology of color to boost morale, increase productivity, and reduce workplace stress. 

    The right interior paint also works to keep healthcare workers safe on the job. Several paint finishes are antimicrobial and easy to clean, supporting infection control initiatives that are top of mind in these facilities. No-VOC paint reduces the exposure to harmful chemicals and compounds that could cause a long list of health issues.

    Boost Branding

    You’ve worked hard to create a logo and choose company colors, and commercial paint can become an extension of that. Cohesive branding means that your organization is easily recognizable and stays top-of-mind for customers and tenants. New, updated paint can help create a connection that drives revenue.

    Franchises are prime examples of the power of commercial painting to support branding strategies. Regardless of the location of your business, customers will instantly recognize the chain based on iconic exterior or interior paint colors. Multi-location chains will often have requirements and regulations for what colors can be used for this exact reason.

    Increase Value

    Commercial real estate investors rely heavily on building valuation to help increase their bottom line, whether they’re renting out space or looking to sell: Higher value means higher rental prices and higher sales prices. Using an experienced team of painting pros works towards maximizing the property’s price per square foot.

    Fresh, professionally applied commercial paint can also attract more customers to your business, increasing profit and boosting the value of your brand as well. Interior paint can speak volumes about how you operate your business and turn one-time shoppers into loyal brand ambassadors.

    Enhance Safety

    Warehouses and industrial spaces need to be as safe and healthy as possible for workers. That’s not a suggestion; many safety regulations are mandated by OSHA. Commercial painters have the skills and resources to help meet those regulations and help mitigate risk and prevent dangerous and costly on-the-job accidents.

    Photoluminescent paint is just one way commercial painters can help you do this. Many buildings require egress marketings to alert occupants of safe exits in case of an emergency. Photoluminescent paints on stairwells need to follow building codes before the building itself can be issued a certificate of occupancy. 

    Extend Longevity

    Maintaining the value of your building means maintaining the condition over the span of your ownership. Professional commercial paint adds a layer of protection to your building that keeps out water, blocks harsh UV rays, and stops mold and mildew from spreading throughout the structure.

    Energy efficiency can be an indirect benefit of nee commercial paint. Painting walls and the roof of your building to be “cool” reflects sunlight and keeps building temperatures lower. HVAC systems don’t have to work as hard to cool the interior of those buildings, sleeping occupants comfortable and lowering energy bills.

    Ready to cash in on the benefits of commercial paint? Our professional team of commercial painting professionals has tackled projects large and small, and we’re ready to transform your building, too — get in touch today.

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