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Painting the Exterior of Your Commercial Building

  • When the exterior of your commercial building looks fresh, clean, and well-maintained, customers will want to shop in your store, and tenants will want to choose you over the competition when looking for space to lease. Investing in high-quality commercial painting services can help, but it’s important to understand the process of painting the exterior of commercial buildings.

    Start With a Solid Plan

    Before starting any projects, come up with a strategic plan. Consider the scope of work, budget and time constraints, and any special challenges your commercial building presents. Schedule the exterior painting project during a period of your business cycle where disruption will be minimal. When estimating costs, remember to consider the cost and labor of prepping your building for paint and cleaning up after the project is completed.

    Ask the Right Questions

    Once you grasp what the project entails, start your search for a commercial painting company with experience with exterior paint projects. Speak with several contractors and take plenty of notes — ask these questions to help make your decision:

    • What services do you offer? Is custom work an option?
    • Can you explain what equipment, techniques, and materials you use? 
    • What paint brand or manufacturer would you suggest for my project? 
    • Do your employees have the appropriate licenses, certifications, or credentials? 
    • How many people will be assigned to my project? 
    • How often and by what means will you communicate with me? 
    • How important and/or flexible are deadlines? 
    • Do you have insurance or a guarantee? 
    • Can you provide me with a few references?

    Prime and Prep the Property

    Prepping your commercial building for exterior paint is an important step and one that shouldn’t be overlooked. While your maintenance team could have the skills and resources to do that, it’s worth asking your paint contractor if they offer prep service. Outsourcing this step helps save you time and money and ensures that it will be done by knowledgeable paint professionals who know what it takes to prepare for painting success.

    Choose Colors Wisely

    Picking an exterior commercial paint color is another big decision to make during these projects. Remember that commercial buildings are typically much more prominent in scale than residential structures. What works as an exterior paint color on a home may not be suitable for warehouses or office buildings. 

    • Neutral colors will help buildings “blend” with their surroundings and make your building a canvas, allowing any signage or logos to stand out and catch your customers’ attention. 
    • If you invest in commercial landscaping, you’ll want it to pop against (not compete with) the exterior of your building. 
    • Notify your contractor if your building has historical status, which could also impact your color choices. 
    • Another factor that can impact exterior paint choice is the material of your exterior walls. For example, vinyl and wood require different types of paint, and it’s important to make a distinction.
    • If your commercial building is in an industrial park or a lease, you should check for any existing structural regulations.
    • Keep bold colors limited to building accents, trim, or even doors, and use the psychology of color to find a palette that’s right for your business.

    Check for Compliance

    Address any regulations or safety requirements that your commercial painting contractor must consider. Choose low-odor or odorless paint if you plan on keeping your business open during the painting project. Work closely with your commercial paint contractor of choice to keep their team and yours safe with “wet paint” signs and clear perimeters that protect everyone from injury.

    Exterior Painting

    Communicate Clearly

    As the project progresses, visit the site regularly and communicate with your commercial paint contractor with any questions or feedback. Be a part of any changes to the schedule, budget, or materials that need to be made to get the job done promptly. After completing the project, perform a walk-through with your contractor and document the finished product with photos.

    Choose Contractors Wisely

    While exterior commercial painting projects may seem like an enormous undertaking, a fresh coat can offer a competitive advantage for businesses and landlords. Exterior paint is often the first impression someone gets of your business or home, but we will get it right, fast and efficiently. The correct action plan can help you and your painting contractor along the way. 

    We only use high-quality materials so you can be sure the finished product lasts as long as possible instead of peeling and chipping in just a few years. Be it a commercial building or a home, no one wants to look bad. In both cases, a paint job is an investment in your future. Contact us today to learn more!

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