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Painting Occupied Spaces and Buildings

  • It’s a cycle that landlords know too well: When a property looks more appealing, occupancy rates jump and stay there. However, more tenants mean more wear and tear, which increases the property’s regular maintenance, with tasks like painting becoming more challenging in occupied spaces. The good news is that by working with an experienced commercial painting contractor and taking some proactive steps, painting occupied spaces doesn’t have to be much of a challenge at all.

    Communication Is Key

    The most crucial tip to consider when painting occupied spaces is communicating plans with everyone involved. Occupants and tenants need a clear idea of when you will do the work and any changes in parking, building entrances, or any other limited access throughout the property. Because the more warning you can give, the better.

    Schedule for Access

    Another important piece to consider is planning projects for when the spaces are least likely to be used. It would be a significant inconvenience to paint all the bathrooms simultaneously and close off access to occupants or tackle a conference room while a team tries to close a big deal. Experienced commercial paint contractors will have the tools to create strategic scheduling.

    Plan Around People

    If it’s not possible to paint exclusively while everyone’s out of the building – like on evenings or weekends – this is precisely when you should paint the busiest areas of the building. Bathrooms and break rooms, specifically, should be painted during the slowest hours, and painters should choose lower-traffic locations during the active hours of the workday.

    Commit to Safety

    Now more than ever, indoor air quality is top-of-mind for commercial property managers and building owners. If debris and fumes from the painting project enter the ventilation system, that could impact everyone in the building. Ensure that major systems are being protected as the painting continues and even into the post-painting cleanup process.

    Paint In the Off-Season

    For properties that aren’t used year-round or 24/7 (think: seasonal businesses, doctor’s offices, and education facilities), it may be best to paint when the fewest people are occupying the space. Don’t be shy about telling the contractor in charge of the project that it’s preferable if the paint is completed during non-peak hours.

    Choose the Right Contractor

    When painting occupied commercial spaces, it’s important to know how to find the right contractor. When doing your research, be clear with the contractors about your vision, budget, and time constraints. Ask about previous experience and request to see a portfolio of other schools they’ve painted. Check on their certifications, licenses, and liability insurance, and don’t overlook the importance of guaranteeing satisfaction. 

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    The ability to make your business shine in a way that boosts your customer base is something we take pride in. It takes a unique skill-set, particularly for occupied spaces, to get it right quickly and efficiently.

    We win projects because of a few simple things:

    • We communicate well and respond to your unique needs and schedule
    • We take professionalism, quality, and speed very seriously
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    • We do all the prep and patching, so the finish is high-quality and long-lasting
    • Our work outlasts our competitors, often by years

    We handle anything from a single-office to multi-floor tenant buildings. This includes walls, door frames, windows, ceilings, floors, and any other surface known. We are dedicated to competitive pricing combined with the highest quality union workmanship and responsive service. We continuously earn your loyalty by controlling costs, making your life easier, and making you look great doing it. Contact us today to get started!

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