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Painting and Design Trends to Watch for in 2023

Interior of recently painted business
  • A new year brings a unique chance to refresh and revitalize your space. A fresh paint job is one of the best ways to accomplish this. You are making a significant investment when planning a new interior or exterior paint job for your commercial property. With this investment, you’ll want to ensure your paint job improves the aesthetics and function of your building. To get you started, let’s take a look at some design trends and considerations for your project. 


    When you choose paint colors for a residential home, you can continually update your paint finish as frequently as you are able – in commercial spaces, paint jobs need to last longer as updates may not be able to happen each year. In general, a commercial space should consider the aesthetics of their business, how customers/employees should feel when they enter the space, and color trends for the current year and beyond when choosing colors. For 2023, the American Institute of Architects and Sherwin-Williams predict that warmer colors will be popular with commercial spaces. They also highlight dark green as replacing navy blue for a deep neutral.


    Color sets the tone for new paint finishes, while patterns and materials add voice. Minimalism has been prominent in the commercial interior design world in the last few years, but now designers are looking to add unique visual touches to their spaces. Geometric patterns and accent walls are back in. In terms of materials, many designers are also adding wood, stone, metal, and plants to their spaces.

    SmithPro painter installing a wallcovering

    Floor Paintings

    Outdated or unsanitary flooring could leave a negative impression on a customer even if the rest of their visit to your business was positive. If your commercial property has high foot traffic areas, your floors can take a beating. Some professional painting companies will paint floors to help improve aesthetics and brightness. A painted floor can even require less maintenance in the long run.


    In addition to or as a substitute for paint, wallcoverings are popular with commercial business owners. Wallcoverings can add accents, textures, and more intricate designs to a space. They are typically made from vinyl, fabric, decals, paper, DI-NOC™, or digital graphics. If you are interested in a wallcovering for your property rather than paint, you’ll want to ensure the painting company you choose has experience with the process. 


    As design trends move away from minimalism, accents are coming back significantly. An accent wall is a different color or shade than the rest of the walls, and it can draw attention to a space without overwhelming it. Accents could also be a shape or stripe painted on several parts of the property. As mentioned, different materials can even be accents, such as painted metal for an industrial look or stone for a more natural feel.

    Faux Finishes

    Another commercial painting trend to watch in 2023 is faux finishes. A faux finish is when a painting finish looks like another material, such as granite or wood. Faux finishing techniques have been around for quite some time and serve as a way to enhance aesthetics while saving money. 

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    Weather Resistance

    Whichever design trends you choose to follow (or start if you’re a trendsetter), you should work with a painting company that uses high-quality, durable materials. This is especially critical for exterior paint jobs. Although no paint is entirely weather resistant, higher quality paints will last longer and protect your investment. 

    Keep Your Business Open While Painting

    If choosing a commercial painting company that wants to do the best for your business isn’t a trend, it should be. Closing your business during the painting project can be inconvenient and costly. Here at SmithPro Commercial Painting, we work with business owners to determine how to complete the project with as few disruptions as possible. Get in touch with us today to discuss your next project!

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