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Painting a Place of Worship

  • A place of worship is a sanctuary for your congregation, a place to relax and recharge while connecting with a community of those who all have one faith in common. Choosing a paint color should be a simple process, but there are a handful of factors that should go into this decision. Additionally, there may be challenges along the way that need to be navigated.

    Our team of commercial painting professionals has years of experience painting churches and places of worship, and we want to share some of our tips and best practices for making the project a success.

    Make It a Group Effort

    Although the needs of the congregation should come first, don’t look to them for making big decisions about the painting project. Instead, form a team of decision-makers and stakeholders to manage all of the moving parts while keeping the best interest of everyone top-of-mind.

    This group should also be in charge of interviewing contractors. The first questions being asked should help define the scope of work and scheduling. If the goal is to disrupt worship services as little as possible, that should be clearly expressed. References and portfolios should be thoroughly reviewed to ensure contractors can deliver work that’s up to standard and on-schedule.

    Think About Logistics

    Will you remove or cover the pews? Are there any statues or pieces of artwork that need to be stored or covered? Do you have a piano or organ that needs to be specially cared for? Is the project just for the sanctuary, or will it extend into educational facilities? Will it include exterior painting as well? Are the high ceilings going to require specialty scaffolding or other equipment?

    The answers to these questions will help the contractor better do their job, which in turn, will produce a better quality end result. Don’t wait until the last minute to figure out these details. Contractors allocate resources and supplies to avoid overruns with change orders, and for religious organizations, staying on budget is critical. 

    Other Tips to Consider

    • If there has been any deferred maintenance or repairs that need to be done to any of the painted surfaces, it needs to be completed before the painting begins. Ask your contractor about any repairs their team can and can’t do, and schedule them accordingly.
    • Your contractor can offer some suggestions on paint color, but it’s a smart idea to have some ideas of what would be best before speaking with them. Use the committee you formed to take architecture, location, and style of worship into account when choosing.
    • Decide whether you want the painters to use paint sprayers or roll-on brushes. Sprayers are better suited for exterior painting, while rollers offer more control and are used for interior painting. Again, your contractor will help with this decision.
    • Ensure that there’s a guarantee on the work the commercial paint contractor completes in your place of worship. The last thing your organization needs is to squeeze money out of an already-tight budget to fix a bad paint job.
    • Historical elements like stained glass windows or registered buildings need special care in order to be properly maintained. Ask your contractor outright if they understand any restrictions or regulations on their work.
    • Be sure to ask your commercial paint contractor about maintenance programs. The team that performs the initial work will be the best team to come in on a consistent basis to keep paint in your church looking like new.

    Churches are a specialty and require highly skilled painters for a few reasons. We have the equipment and training to safely paint the tallest ceilings and any hard-to-reach surfaces. We also understand that churches are houses of worship and should embody that. They require special care. They are buildings designed for worship and reverie where people go to find peace. 

    We pay special attention to these concerns because perfection is a must. Therefore, we take great care to respect the building and its mission. We cover all non-painted surfaces so as not to disrupt or disrespect the surroundings we are working in. Request a quote today, to breathe new life into your house of worship.

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