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ISN Certification: Why It’s Important 

  • Commercial construction projects are complex, often with several contractors (including the painting team) working with stakeholders to get the job done.  It’s not feasible for project managers to take on the additional burden of ensuring all contractors meet safety and regulatory guidelines. However, it’s still a crucial step in any construction project.

    That’s where ISNetworld plays a large role in bridging the gap and mitigating that burden. According to their website: 

    ISN is the global leader in contractor and supplier information management. Since 2001, ISN has helped enterprises proactively reduce risk by qualifying and monitoring contractors to promote safe and sustainable operations throughout the supply chain.

    ​The all-inclusive and configurable subscription-based platform, ISNetworld®, helps companies identify the most qualified contractor companies that meet and exceed industry, regulatory, and company-specific standards in the areas of health, safety, quality, insurance, training, cybersecurity, and ESG.

    However, to join the ISN family, contractors and suppliers have to undergo rigorous education and certification processes. Essentially, project managers and decision-makers use ISNetworld and its platform to vet contractors and assure they’ll be the right fit. OSHA logs, insurance coverage, industry-specific certifications, and other documentation are available at stakeholders’ fingertips.

    Paint Roller and Paint Can

    Contractors like our team who choose to become ISN-certified are well-connected to a network of other vetted, certified professionals. When you decide to work with us (or any other ISN contractor or vendor), you’ll know you’re working with consummate professionals from the start. Otherwise, you risk compliance and safety violations, which ultimately slow productivity and can even stop it altogether. 

    We handle approximately 1,000 projects per year of all shapes and sizes. We employ 30 full-time painters year around, which means we have the resources to take just about any size project. On average, our employees have more than seven years of experience. We became ISN-certified to highlight these factors that set us apart from the competition. 

    SmithPro Commercial Painting is your go-to professional painting firm in the Greater St. Louis area. Our commitment to our home city dates back to 1963, and we take that seriously. Our mission is to make our customers look good and make St. Louis look beautiful.


    As a family-owned union company, our reputation with construction contractors, residential and commercial property managers, hospitals, and direct owners has been built on service and trust. We do the job right, on time and budget. Every time. We are not just painters; we are finishers.

    Our pride in a job well done and our commitment to our clients is why we always start with a consultation. By treating our customers as strategic partners, we can understand their needs and plan out a process to accomplish their goals.

    We’re ready to handle your project quickly and cost-effectively. Our mission is to do outstanding prep work, have people on the job that are vetted, trained, and ISN certified, and know how to please customers. Contact us today to learn more!

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