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How to Choose Commercial Paint Colors

  • Have you ever walked into a business or office space and immediately felt at ease? That’s not unintentional. Knowing how to choose commercial paint colors is more than just picking out a shade from a color wheel because there are a few considerations to keep in mind.


    What’s your space being used for? For example, healthcare settings will want to invoke a much different feeling and opt for muted, soothing tones while retail spaces use bright, bold colors to draw in customers. Paint types and finishes can also vary based on the application, so it’s important to let your contractor know if industry restrictions or regulations need to be followed.


    Lighting plays a massive role in how colors appear in a space. Buildings with plenty of natural light can be great canvases for deeper or darker tones, while buildings with artificial lighting should stick with lighter tones. Colors also look different depending on the lighting and time of day, so choose the brightness and saturation of paint colors accordingly.

    Color Psychology

    There’s science behind how different colors affect our moods and emotions, and you’ll need to keep that in mind when considering your commercial paint colors. Want to help encourage leadership development in your office? Try red. Do you have a high-traffic, fast-paced business? Use blue tones to help bring a sense of tranquility.

    Warehouses: Research has shown that neutrals like white, beige, or gray can make your employees more depressed, which is not ideal for warehouse employee productivity and engagement. Instead, try integrating your brand colors to boost morale.

    Offices: Think about colors that reflect the business being done in the building. (An accountant’s office will have a much different palette than a tech startup, for example.) If the office building has several different tenants, it’s a wise idea to go the neutral route.

    Retail stores: The key here is to find vibrant paint colors that energize customers and drive them to make more purchases. Vibrant reds and oranges grab shoppers’ attention, while colors like pink and purple are ideal for beauty and cosmetic stores. However, think carefully before you opt for bold commercial paint colors.

    Places of worship: Beige is a great neutral go-to to create a sense of calm and security, but other colors — like burgundy or eggshell blue — are just as serene and appropriate for places of worship. You can even opt for a less traditional wall covering that speaks to the community that your worshippers are creating and nurturing.

    Don’t DIY It

    Ultimately, the best way to choose commercial paint colors is by working with a commercial painting contractor who has experience painting commercial buildings just like yours. Exterior paint is often the first impression someone gets of your business, but we will get it right, fast, and efficiently. 

    It can be tempting to entertain the idea of DIY-ing your commercial property’s exterior or interior paint, especially if you have a handy or experienced facility manager. While it could seem like it’s a way to save money on paper, it’s not a cost-efficient option in the long run, and working with a commercial painting contractor is a smart alternative.

    However, searching for a local contractor that serves commercial properties in the St. Louis area can be a daunting task — after all, there are so many options. At SmithPro Commercial Painting, we only use high-quality materials and experienced union painters so you can be sure the finished product lasts as long as possible, instead of peeling and chipping in just a few years. If you are interested in finding out more about commercial building painting or would like to get an estimate for a paint job, reach out to us and we will get back to you promptly!

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