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Exterior of City Foundry Food Hall
  • Over the years, we’ve been lucky enough to work with several local businesses across all industries in the Greater St. Louis area. During that time, we’ve answered plenty of questions about the commercial painting process, and we decided to share a few of these commercial painting FAQs to help our clients better understand what we do.

    Can you paint my business without too much downtime for employees or customers?

    The short answer is yes – but the long answer depends on your unique situation. The most crucial tip to consider when painting occupied spaces is communicating plans with everyone involved. Occupants and tenants need a clear idea of when you will do the work and any changes in parking, building entrances, or other limited access throughout the property: the more warning you can give, the better.

    Another vital piece to consider is planning projects for when the spaces are least likely to be used. It would be a significant inconvenience to paint all the bathrooms simultaneously and close off access to occupants or tackle a conference room while a team tries to close a big deal. Experienced commercial paint contractors will have the tools to create strategic scheduling.

    Exterior of Enterprise Bank & Trust

    How do I know which paint colors to choose?

    What’s your space purpose? For example, healthcare settings want to invoke a different feeling and opt for muted, soothing tones, while retail spaces use bright, bold colors to draw in customers. Paint types and finishes can also vary based on the application, so it’s important to let your contractor know if industry restrictions or regulations need to be followed.

    Ultimately, the best way to choose commercial paint colors is by working with a commercial painting contractor with experience painting commercial buildings like yours. Exterior paint is often the first impression someone gets of your business, but we will get it right, fast, and efficiently. 

    Do you offer specialty commercial painting services?

    Absolutely. Beyond traditional commercial spaces like retail businesses and office buildings, we also have the capabilities and experience to tackle healthcare, educational, and religious properties. 

    When it comes to professional offices and medical facilities, cleanliness and comfort are considered essential. Our professional team is trained in finishing on schedule and budget while leaving nothing but the paint on the walls. Churches are a specialty and require highly skilled painters. They have very high ceilings and difficult-to-reach surfaces; many were constructed in the early 20th century or even before.

    Are there alternative wallcovering options instead of traditional commercial paint?

    If you want something more custom than simple paint, wallcoverings are a great choice and can significantly enhance the look of your business. Adding texture, custom graphics, or any of the new digital options available will upgrade the look of your space.

    We can handle anything from a single office to multi-floor tenant buildings, including all the walls, ceilings, and whatever else you want wallcoverings on.

    Wallcoverings we handle:

    • Vinyl
    • Fabric
    • Paper
    • Murals
    • Decals
    • Digital wall graphics
    • DI-NOC by 3M

    Employee Painting Warehouse Exterior

    Can you refinish or refurbish our concrete floors?

    Floor refurbishing is an important service that is overlooked by many. Our services include floor staining, coating, and polishing for commercial, industrial, and high-end residential projects. We also offer floor painting to boost aesthetics or as a crucial safety measure in industrial or warehouse settings.

    We love reminding you what your floors used to look like when they were brand new. Our team treats every project with professionalism and dedication to premium work at a competitive price. Our work is high-quality and long-lasting.

    Are you ISN-Certified?

    Contractors like our team who choose to become ISN-certified are well-connected to a network of other vetted, certified professionals. When you decide to work with us (or any other ISN-certified contractor or vendor), you’ll know you’re working with consummate professionals from the start. Otherwise, you risk compliance and safety violations, which ultimately slow productivity and can even stop it altogether. 

    We handle approximately 1,000 projects per year of all shapes and sizes. We employ 30 full-time painters year-round, so we have the resources to take just about any size project. On average, our employees have more than seven years of experience. We became ISN-certified to highlight these factors that set us apart from the competition. 

    SmithPro Commercial Painting is your go-to professional painting firm in the Greater St. Louis area. Our commitment to our home city dates back to 1963, and we take that seriously. Our mission is to make our customers look good and make St. Louis look beautiful. Contact us today to learn more!

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