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Commercial Building Painting Trends for 2021

  • If you’ve never been in charge of managing a commercial painting project for your building or property, you may not know that it can be a complex project with many moving parts. Durability, safety, curb appeal, maintenance — there are plenty of factors that ultimately shape your contractor’s plan to give you a final product you were envisioning.

    Several of these factors revolve around painting trends that are happening within the commercial paint industry. There’s a great deal of innovation happening, taking advantage of trends is a good way to get the most cutting-edge applications, coatings, paint, and colors to add value to your building or business.

    Balance Of Color

    If our blog posts teach you anything about commercial painting, it’s that you need to make an educated choice on the color you choose for both the interior and exterior of your property. The hue you decide on can impact everything from curb appeal to employee productivity and even patient well-being; you can’t just pick a color and cross your fingers.

    When big paint brands publish their annual color choices and “hot” platelets, it’s about more than just marketing. These are the colors that inspire design for commercial properties, and in 2021 those colors are balanced between calming neutrals and hopeful brights as accents. Color trends will shift based on the use of your commercial building, but look to these colors of the year for inspiration.

    Embrace Eco-Friendly

    Not only are commercial paints becoming safer and healthier, but they’re also helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the buildings they cover. Lighter-colored paint on the exterior of commercial buildings can keep the interior energy-efficient by better regulating the temperature and climate. This also helps prevent the HVAC system from working harder than it has to, driving up bills and energy use.

    Interior paint has also become exponentially healthier in the past few decades. Choosing low- or no-VOC paints and coatings helps everyone within the business breathe easier, and property and facility managers need to do everything they can these days to improve indoor air quality. Some facilities may want to skip the paint altogether and use specialty wallcoverings instead.

    Durability and Dependability

    The same scientists that have been creating eco-friendly paint are also creating formulations that stand up to weather, maintenance, repairs, and sunlight. Working with an experienced commercial paint contractor will help you identify paints and coatings that are specifically designed for this purpose. There are also commercial paint brands that resist fading, something that’s perfect for buildings with areas of exposure to constant UV rays.

    Floor coatings and painting for safety are experiencing their own moment, too. (Did you know? Our team can tackle flooring — get in touch!) As warehouses become busier and more complex, managers are turning to paint and slip-resistant coating to help keep everyone safe on the floor and direct traffic.

    Marketable Moments

    Everyone (including your business) is on social media these days. One way to make your brand instantly recognizable online and off is with a striking exterior paint job. Businesses and buildings are using exterior paint as an extension of their branding, either with their signature colors or with walls that create a digital canvas for anyone who wants to feature it in their feeds.

    This is also a phenomenon that’s happening in the interior of businesses. It drives foot traffic into brick-and-mortar retailers, looks amazing in rental property listings, and could even work to increase the value of your property and thus the price you can charge for rentals.

    By working with experienced, qualified commercial paint contractors, you’ll have the advantage of getting insight into the latest, hottest trends. Property managers need prospective tenants to be sold in the first 10 seconds. From large buildings to small offices, we have the team and experience to complete your project quickly, efficiently and on budget.

    We can also help install all types of trending, Instagram-worthy wallcoverings from vinyl to paper to fabric either manufactured or custom printed for your needs. No matter your needs, contact us when you’re ready to update your commercial property with the right paint.

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