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A Guide to Paint Booths

Paint Booth
  • The world of commercial painting has lots of equipment and techniques to learn. When you are initially planning out your painting project, it can feel overwhelming with all of the options. A vital aspect of the commercial painting industry is the paint booth. Folks outside the industry may not be familiar with paint booths, but chances are, we all use objects that were likely painted in a paint booth every day, such as our furniture or even our cars. If you are new to learning about paint booths or if you need a refresher, we’ve got you covered.  

    What Are Paint Booths?

    Paint booths come in many shapes and sizes, but the general idea behind a paint booth is for it to be an enclosed structure for painting. Paint booths are designed to prevent contamination and unwanted airflow while painting and have many other benefits. They can range in size from holding enough room for one bench to being big enough to paint airplane parts. Paint booths can be categorized by how the air streams exhaust from the paint booth. Four common types of paint booths organized in this way are cross-draft, semi-downdraft, side-downdraft, and downdraft. 

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    Benefits of Paint Booths

    Understanding the benefits of using a paint booth can help determine whether you should use one for your next project. One of the most significant benefits of using a paint booth is having even airflow throughout the booth when painting which helps to limit overspray. Limiting overspray can also limit the number of corrections that need to be repainted compared to jobs that don’t use a paint booth. Using a paint booth has environmental benefits as well. Since the fumes are contained to the paint booth itself and outside factors are controlled, the fumes are not entering back into the outside air and can be filtered out. Paint booth jobs typically go quicker and produce less waste than jobs outside the paint booth, which is also environmentally conscious. Further, as long as painters are trained well on using the paint booth, it is safer for painters as they won’t inhale as many fumes and have a controlled space. Lastly, if you are looking at a project where the objects being painted need to all be identical, using a paint booth gives that ability for quality control in a way that traditional painting can not.

    Projects for Paint Booths

    Many types of projects would benefit from using a paint booth. A paint booth may be your best option if you have large items that need to be painted uniformly, such as furniture, appliances, building materials, etc. You can use larger paint booths for automotive vehicles, airplane parts, and more. On the other side of the spectrum, some craftsmen even use paint booths or similar set-ups for their smaller handcrafted items or miniatures. When you decide to work with a professional commercial painting company, they will have suggestions for the best way to go about your project. Here at SmithPro Commerical Painting, our process is as follows: 

    • Initial meeting
    • Color and material options consultation
    • Competitive quote
    • Quote acceptance
    • Start the project

    Throughout these steps, our team works on correctly completing your project the first time. 

    Painting Project Safety Walkthrough

    Training and Safety

    All painting projects require painters to follow safety measures actively, and paint booths are no exception. As always, all painters should be up to date on their company’s training procedures and OSHA policies. When it comes to the paint booth itself, painters should take special note of safety measures. On the side of most paint booths, there are gauges called manometers which indicate when the paint filters need to be replaced. Some paint booths have Air Makeup Units (AMUs) that filter the air exhausted from the paint booth out, and these AMUs need to be monitored and maintained frequently.   

    Here at SmithPro Commercial Painting, we have a large paint booth at our facility that can handle your custom projects. We take pride in our work and view our company as a community. Our painters have been with us for an average of eight years and are the best in the field. Further, we have been around for over 50 years and have connections throughout the Greater St. Louis area. If you are interested in our commercial painting services or have any other questions, we would love to hear from you – get in touch today!

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