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A Guide to Concrete Flooring

  • Do you own or manage a commercial building? Is it a large office building with garage space? What about a big-box retail store? It could even be a storage facility that sees plenty of foot traffic. Regardless of the size of your commercial building or what you use it for, there is no shortage of options when it comes to flooring — but concrete may be your best bet.

    The Benefits of Concrete

    Maintenance: Above all, one of the biggest perks of choosing concrete flooring is that it’s easy to maintain and keep clean. Once it’s been installed and cured, you only need to wax or seal the surface every few months using tools that are easily accessible. The cleaning process is also straightforward and doesn’t require specialized experts or cleaning solutions.

    Durability: Concrete is hands-down one of the strongest, most resilient types of flooring. It can hold up to vehicles of all sizes, heavy-duty equipment, and several hundred pounds of weight from warehouse inventory. Good luck trying to find something that will crack, chip, or break down concrete flooring.

    Sustainability: Want to replace your existing flooring with concrete? Good news, it’s likely an easy project. Other types of flooring are generally installed over the foundation which is (you guessed it) concrete. You’ll cut down on the supplies and equipment you need to replace the flooring, which in turn will cut down waste and emissions.

    Longevity: Ease of maintenance and durability means that correctly sealed concrete flooring can last for years. The upfront cost of installing and sealing concrete and the maintenance costs over the life of your building makes it a sound investment with a serious return, even when you place the flooring in a high-traffic area.

    Versatility: New trends in concrete mean that you can create flooring that complements the decor and enhances the environment. It can also be marked for safety and wayfinding guides so that employees and visitors can be protected from facility hazards. You can easily lay another flooring over concrete if you want to change things up.

    Choosing the Right Concrete

    Before you settle on concrete flooring, there are a few questions you should be asking and answering. 

    What does the existing surface look like?

    Before sealing or coating concrete surfaces, there needs to be a thorough inspection for structural problems or anything else that will cause an issue during the installation process. The surface also needs to be clean and dry.

    What kind of floor is it?

    More than any other part of your commercial building, flooring sees wear, tear, and abuse. There are different types of concrete coatings and should be customized to meet the needs of your facility.

    What’s the budget?

    Although concrete flooring isn’t costly in the long run, some types are more expensive than others. Work with a flooring pro to help make the most of your budget and find high-quality materials and labor that’s also cost-efficient.

    Types of Concrete Flooring

    Painting: Concrete painting can be accomplished with many different paint systems, but typically epoxy paint is used. While it looks like traditional paint, it is faster drying, more durable, and resistant to moisture — acting as a sealant with high aesthetic value.

    Sealing: Newly installed concrete flooring should always be sealed, but this is an important step to repeat every few years depending on the type of facility it’s in. Concrete is porous and sealant can protect flooring from elements, dirt, cleaning chemicals, and more.

    Staining & Dying: While paint sits on top of concrete, stain and dye seep into the porous surface and permeate to create a look that’s quite different from other options. They offer a range of colors that can be mixed together to get the perfect hue.

    Polishing: This is a finishing option that doesn’t require finishes or wax. Flooring professionals grind the surface to a high-gloss finish and can be done on new or old concrete flooring. It’s cost-efficient, lower-maintenance, and easy to clean, something that’s ideal for healthcare and wellness facilities.

    Ultimately, it takes working closely with a team of professionals to make sure your concrete flooring is right for your commercial facility. Our services outlast our competitors by many years. We communicate well and listen attentively to your specific needs. We can even come in at night and on weekends to refinish your concrete flooring. Get in touch!

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