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Interior Painting

Interior Painting

Beyond the exterior of the building, interior paint makes a significant impression on a customer or potential tenant. Paint is like clothing. Are you looking professional or frumpy? Does your interior paint have that tired look? Is it time to set a new tone in your space and protect it for years to come?

We handle anything from a single-office to multi-floor tenant buildings. This includes walls, door frames, windows, ceilings, floors, and any other surface known to man.

The ability to make your business shine in a way that boosts your customer base is something we take pride in. It takes a unique skill-set, particularly for owner-occupied spaces, to get it right quickly and efficiently.

We win projects because of a few simple things:

  • We communicate well and respond to your special needs and schedule
  • We take professionalism, quality, and speed very seriously
  • We are dedicated to containing costs and providing competitive bids
  • We show up on time and work around your schedule
  • We do all the prep and patching, so the finish is high-quality and long-lasting
  • Our work outlasts our competitors, often by years

Check out the transformation of Napoli III Restaurant in St. Charles, MO. We did all the interior painting and the floor treatments!


What’s the process?

  • Initial meeting
  • Color and material options consultation
  • Competitive quote
  • Quote acceptance
  • Schedule it
  • Project happens
    1. Repair drywall
    2. Tenant content manipulation
      • Remove paintings
      • Move furniture
    3. Protect the space
    4. Paint
    5. Everything returned to its original places
    6. Project Review & Walkthrough

What are the options and suggested additional services?

As part of the initial consultation, we work with our customers to choose and plan any specialty finishes or wallcoverings, in addition to the paint they desire. Popular examples include marker board material (dry erase board walls), minor drywall repair, vinyl base replacement, wall protection, or corner guards.

What equipment do you have to make the project go smoothly and safely?

We use HEPA filters, dustless sanders, zero VOC products, lifts, scaffolding, and all appropriate professional tools.

We follow all industry safety guidelines and rules.

How many people do you employ and how much experience do they bring to the job?

We handle approximately 1,000 projects per year.

We employ 30 full-time painters year around, which means we have the resources to handle just about any size project at any time. On average, our employees have more than seven years of experience with our company.

How long do your projects take on average?

Each project typically takes one week. Larger projects might take a month.

How do you prevent unnecessary disruptions?

We work around your schedule!! We can come in on nights and weekends if it’s needed to help keep YOUR TEAM on task and productive. We don’t disrupt your business.

What do you need from me, the customer?

We make it as painless as possible but we do need your help moving small items, personal items, electronics, and any paperwork so we can handle the big stuff with no issues.

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