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Commercial Floor Painting

Commercial Floor Painting

Commercial Floor Painting. Let's face it, floors take a beating. Painting serves as a great solution to maintaining a clean appearance while keeping your work environment safe. And you will save money in the long run. We are talking about durability, sustainability, and safety.

And there are obvious additional benefits. That includes an improved aesthetic appeal, low-maintenance cleaning, brightness, and strength.

Our professional team is trained to make your floors shiny and safe. We get in and out efficiently, on schedule and on budget while leaving nothing but the paint on the floor.

We've been painting floors for 50 years and continue to win projects because we are a trusted partner.

  • We communicate well and respond to your unique needs and schedule
  • We take professionalism, quality, and speed very seriously
  • We are dedicated to containing costs and providing competitive bids
  • We leave nothing behind but the paint on the floors
  • We show up on time and work around your schedule
  • We do all the prep and patching for a high-quality, long-lasting project
  • We put everything back, we are a painting service rather than just "painters"
  • Our product is high quality and outlasts our competitors often by years


What types of projects can you handle?

Anything from an electrical room to a 40k+ sq. ft. warehouse-type floor, and even larger.

What's the process?

  • Initial meeting
  • Color and material options consultation
  • Competitive quote
  • Quote acceptance
  • Schedule it
  • Project happens
    1. Proper surface prep
      • Adhesive removal
      • Remove existing flooring
      • Grinding of the surface
      • Sanding
      • Concrete profiling to receive the coating
      • Use acid, diamond grind, or shot blasting as needed
      • Power wash or mop
    2. Apply chosen floor coating
    3. Complete project
    4. Everything returned to its original places
    5. Project review & walkthrough

What are the options and suggested additional services?

No matter your needs, we can handle them for you. Some examples include safety striping, slip-resistant treatments, acid and dye stains for concrete, and any other concrete treatment.

What equipment do you have to make the project go smoothly?

We use vacuum Grinders, HEPA ventilation, sanders, and other equipment needed to correctly prepare your floor.

We follow all industry safety guidelines and rules.

How many people are on the team and what experience do they have in this area?

We have plenty of team members and the bandwidth to handle just about any size project. We employee up to 30 full-time painters most of the year. Our painters have, on average, seven or more years of experience.

You get highly-trained teams from us that don't just get "on-the-job training" like so many other shops.

What do you do to protect my facility?

We protect any adjacent surfaces not being worked on, including walls, doors, equipment, and anything else in the area that cannot or should not be removed.

How long does it take?

From 1 week to 1 month is typical.

How do you prevent unnecessary disruptions?

We work around your schedule! We can come in at night and on weekends if it's needed to help keep your team on task and productive.

What does it cost?

We are a union commercial painter. That doesn't mean we will be more expensive because our prices are aggressive and competitive.  However, our staff are very professional and dedicated to high-quality materials, so floor painting should be less frequent.  Highly trained union painters are better trained and more efficient than others.  Our union painters paint better and faster because they are professionals. Professionals can paint 50% to 75% faster than non-professionals. Call us and find out for yourself.

What do you need from us? How do we prepare, get ready for you?

We make it as painless as possible, but we do need people to stay off the treated floor for as long as we request. It can be up to seven days in some cases.

We may also ask you to move some equipment and to be flexible on alternative entrances and exits during the painting process.

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